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With many years of experience as a manager, human resources consultant, and executive coach, Gudrun reinvented a new approach to leadership development training.

All content in training and courses is based on a scientific and theoretical basis. Emphasis is placed on making the material practical and simple to provide real-life examples that managers can use in life and work.


Gudrun´s specificity lies in her human-centered approach and adaptability to utilize her experience and personalize her material in collaboration with her clients. Therefore, the strengths and challenges of the client are given a special approach each time to achieve maximum results.





Do you need customized training that takes into account the leadership skills needed for tomorrow's future? The Human Leader is a human-centered approach to training that is tailored to your circumstances and helps your organization to grow and succeed. Among the things you gain in the training include the following:

  • Knowledge of the key future skills for managers

  • Knowledge of different styles in managing different generations at work

  • Skills in using coaching techniques that can be used in a variety of conversations with employees, ranging from micro conversations to mentoring conversations

    Using a Strength Approach in Management

  • Knowledge of how to enhance engagement and meaning at work

    Knowledge of your resilience factor and methods for coping with the pressure and stress at work and in life

  • Practical ways to increase trust and psychological safety in teams
  • Increased understanding of the value of emotional intelligence and ways to enhance one's emotional intelligence



Coaching is a method aimed at maximaizing the potential of an individual or group. It is common for new opportunities and perspectives to emerge in conversation with an executive coach. The method shortens the path to a specific goal that can be personal growth, increased quality of life or better work performance.
The challenges clients solve by coaching are as diverse as the individuals and teams that utilize such training.






What projects need new ideas?

Where are the challenges?

What training or lecture is best for you?

We create together the framework and content your business needs.

Examples of popular content:

Recilience training and adaptability

Character strengths in life and work

How to use coaching in service and sales

Recilience in times of change

Bridging the gap between generations 



How do you use your knowledge, experience, and strengths to meet new demands and prepare for the future? Do you have the opportunity to influence how your work is shaped or do you want to be added to a group of people who work on their behalf? What changes are expected in the labor market and how can you actively participate in them? Keynotes, lectures, and training related to the transforming leadership for tomorrow.

Take a step towards your future!

About Gudrun Snorra

Gudrun Snorradottir, an executive coach, has extensive experience in using the tools of coaching and positive psychology to transform leadership.

Gudrun holds an MSc in Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, as well as a certified PCC Executive Coach from the International Coaching Federation.

Gudrun's area of ​​specialization is training for future leadership skills. These include resilience, emotional intelligence, utilization of character strengths, ways to create increased trust and psychological safety, as well as utilization of coaching in service and in numerous conversations with employees.


Learn to talk

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Being Human 

What we know matters but 

who we are matters more. 


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Hafa samband

Guðrún Snorradóttir

Borgartúni 24, 2. floor on the left

105, Reykjavík,

+ 354 6647610

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Hafa samband



"It has been a real honor for me to work with Gudrun. What she has beyond many consultants is that she has a long experience in management and has thus coped with most of the challenges management is facing. Gudrun is a lively and entertaining lecturer and has a special skill to captivate the group and gain the confidence of those who seek her. What makes Gudrun an outstanding facilitator, consultant, and executive coach is her unique insight into people's well-being and particularly good presence.

I can recommend Gudrun for companies and executives who want to create empathy, increase trust and achieve better human resources. "

Bergþóra Hrund Ólafsdóttir / LS RETAIL / Human Resourse Manager

"Gudrun is a great coach and trainer, who can help others grow and develop. She has multiple skills as a soft skills trainer and has done valuable work with some of our teams, helping them set communication agreements. She is a real strength finder and helps others with opportunities.

I can recommend her for various soft skills training f.ex. communications, customer service, leadership skills and coaching."

Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir / ORIGO / Human Resource Manager 

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